Hand made Zoo Animals Bar Soap, Natural Fragrance

Mas du Roseau


Playful and practical - which animal is your favourite from monkey, lion, flamingo, elephant, giraffe or crocodile. These fun zoo soaps come in six contemporary designs; pure, natural and handmade. Your child will love to choose their favourite animal! Unlike a bottle of shower gel, bar soap uses very little (or no) packaging. 

Mas du Roseau have been making soap and soap products for many decades now. Grandmother Blanche was the mainstay of the family, always on the lookout for new ingredients in Provence but also very respectful of tradition. Thanks to her, Mas du Roseau was imagined and traditional recipes revisited and brought up to date. Each season, the company moves forward in its zero waste approach and in the design of ever simpler and more natural formulas to meet its commitments for a truer, healthier, more natural daily life! Their passion is for handmade, natural and French, "We never stop working on our concept, taking time to appreciate what nature offers us."