Velvet Tote - Raspberry, Teal, Dove Grey



With three fabulous colours to choose from, this velvet bag with a Roshanara's exclusive printed lining, is the bag you will want to take everywhere with you. An eye-catching vintage look that never goes out of style. There are two zip pockets inside and it closes with two large buttons. Carry your matching pouch inside.

A love of literature and the arts and a deep respect for heritage and tradition are the foundations upon which Roshanara develops her lifestyle collections. These fascinations she inherited from her mother, a talented textile artist. Her mother’s innovative techniques, which she used to capture textile landscapes through colour and texture inspired Roshanara from a young age and lead the way for her to develop her creative language of fashion design. Through 20 years as a textile and fashion designer, Roshanara had stayed true to her vision of a harmonious balance between individuality and collaboration, working with artisans who share a mutual respect and admiration for one another’s skillset. She designs high quality, timeless pieces which are made to last.

Size:40 x 40cm


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