Handmade Stoneware Salad Bowl - Olive Green, Large



Agnès Reumaux spent her childhood in Provence alongside her mother, a ceramic artist since 1967. Throughout her youth, Agnes was involved in both the workshop and the boutique and developed her passion for creating her own ceramics.

Developing her family run business, Goberlote, she draws inspiration from both current design and historical shapes. Sandstone is a natural and timeless material, plain or enhanced by enamels, it is stunning and unique. All her creations are shaped by hand using artisanal techniques, enamels are made with natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly. Fired at high temperature (1300°C), stoneware is a non-porous ceramic and therefore very healthy when using in the kitchen. Like all handcrafted products, each item is unique and may have slight nuances in appearance.

This large Saladier in olive green is from the Aube collection and come in three natural colours. The warm, contemporary style offer a beautiful and simple addition to your home, perfect as a fruit or salad bowl. See these bowls in midnight blue and vanilla.

Dimentions: W 30cm x H 8cm

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