Handmade Organic Bar Soap - Six Fragrances for all skin types

Les Savon d'Orely


These bar soaps are lovingly handmade in Normandy. Rich in vegetable glycerine, they are moisturising and particularly good for sensitive skin. Unlike a bottle of shower gel, bar soap uses very little (or no) packaging. We offer six soaps which will target different areas, all thoughtfully created, naturally perfumed and beautifully packaged. Spicy Cocao Ylang, Herby Fenouil Anis , Flowery Geranium Lavande, Relaxing Lavande Sauge, Tangy Trois Agumes and Milky Patchouli.

Les Savon d'Orely have create their soap with locally sourced products, using 100% organic vegetable oil and essential oils for the perfume and herbs and spices for the colour. In their artisan soap barn in Normandy the soap is handmade using the traditional cold saponification recipe enriched with vegetable oils and shea butter.

Sage Lavender, this soap, ideal for the body, face and hands is ultra hydrating. Lavender is relaxing for the mind and this soap is particularly suitable for dry skin and is delightful for lavender lovers! 

Cocoa Ylang this soap is perfumed with intoxicating Ylang oil, the yellow, star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree. It does not smell of chocolate but is tinted with cocoa hense it's pretty colour.

Geranium Lavender this floral soap is enriched with shea butter, it gently cleanses and nourishes very dry skin. 

Trois Agrumes, this zingy, refreshing soap made with three citrus fruits is particularly good for mature skin.

Milky Patchouli this soap made with whole milk from the local farm gives it a creamy foam. A lovely balance between patchouli and cities fruit, it's warm, tangy scent is followed by a floral bouquet when rinsed.

Fenouli Anis This soap is suitable for skin with oily tendencies thanks to the green clay which cleans and purifies. Rich in glycerine it will gently cleanse your skin. It's delicate scent of fennel with anis is fresh and herby.