Pure Vegetable Oil Liquid Marseille Soap - Fleur De Coton (Cotton Flower) Fragrance

Pure Vegetable Oil Liquid Marseille Soap - Fleur De Coton (Cotton Flower) Fragrance

La Compagnie de Provence


This liquid Marseille soap has a  delicate and powdery fragrance evoking all the softness and comfort of cotton. Gentle enough for the face as well as the body, It will gently cleanse the skin. Created in Grasse and free from colouring agents and animal fats. Presented in an attractive, recyclable glass bottle.

Born out of the imagination of two French companies from Marseille, the story of La Compagnie de Provence began in 1990 when they established their company in Panier, Marseille's oldest district. Made from three vegetable oils; sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil. Crafted in a caldron according to tradition, it comes in a glass container with a sleek design. See below for oil description.

Sweet Almond Oil is sourced in Provence, from the Valensole plateau and is extracted by cold pressing. Rich in fatty acids it helps to soften, moisturise and nourish. Rich in vitamin A and E, it is recommended for dry skin.

Olive Oil Sourced in Lancon de Provence this oil is extracted from typical Provence olives, harvested every year between October and December. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin A and E it is highly protective, nourishing and softening.

Grape Seed Oil is extracted from the grape seed by cold pressing. Rich in powerful antioxidants it helps protect the skin from free radicals and premature ageing. With a high component of Omega 6 this oil moisturises and reconsructs.

500 ml.