Ceramic Guinea Fowl - White and Grey, Large

Les Céramiques de Lussan


A spotted White and Grey Guinea Fowl, or Pintard as they are known in France. These beautiful, sustainably produced ceramic birds are designed and made from Provencial French clay by Heidi and her team.

Heidi studied fine art and ceramics from 1949-1962 before opening a small pottery workshop in 1968 in a village near Uzes, Southern France. Developing a deep fondness for the little 'pintard' birds that ran around her garden, she created them in clay and imagined an amazing array of colours. As business thrived, she moved her family to a larger farmhouse in Lussan, the picturesque walled medieval village in Provence. Since 1994, her son Adrien has continued her legacy and still produces this unique craft in Lussan.

All their ceramics are handmade and hand-painted by a highly skilled team of artisans and ceramists and are sought after all around the world. Specialising in guinea fowl, quail and chickens, these polished, colourful birds will delight your friends and enhance your home. 

Size: Large W32cm x H24cm to top of head.


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