Soaps & Lotions

Our super gentle soaps, lotions and household products are made in Normandy, the Alps and Provence from natural ingredients using traditional French methods, hand made with essential oils. Evoking aromas of France including heather honey, thyme and dill and orange zest, they are practical, long-lasting and very kind on the skin and the environment. This collection also includes our delicious organic range - try our orange blossom shower gel and evening primrose dry body oil. Find the famous French black soap here, pure and natural, it's household uses are endless. Available in Jersey and online.
Marseille Laundry Soap Cube
Marseille Olive Oil Soap Cube
Bath & Shower Gel - Lavende (Lavender) Scented
Marseille Liquid Soap - Figue (Fig) Fragrance
Shea Butter Body Balm
Black Soap Exfoliating Balm
Savon Noir - Black Soap
Washing Up Liquid - Pamplemouse (Grapefruit)