Candles & Fragrances

Our natural candles and fragrances are created in Normandy, Provence and the Alps taking inspiration from nature and the love of outdoors. The candles, made from natural soy wax have cotton wicks and are gently perfumed with the stunning, renowned scents of Grasse and Paris. Try our gentiane three wick candle, the sweet, fresh fragrance of the blue trumpet like flowers that grow in the Alps. Burning beautifully for 200 hours. Find our newly added perfumed pouches and sachets for your home, car and handbags. Available in Jersey and online.
Perfumed Sachet - Patchouli
Perfumed Sachet - Lavande (Lavender)
Perfumed Sachet - Muguet (Lily of the Valley)
Perfumed Sachet - Coquelicot (Poppy)
Perfumed Liberty Purse - Freesia Perfumed Liberty Purse - Freesia
Velvet Scented Heart - Freesia Velvet Scented Heart - Freesia
Candle - Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Flower)
Candle - Fleurs Blanches (White Flowers)
Candle - L'Oree Du Potager (Kitchen Garden)
Candle - Thé  Noir (Black Tea)
Candle - Pignon De Pin (Pine Kernel)
Stone Dolmen with Candle - Coromandel Stone Dolmen with Candle - Coromandel
Room Spray - Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Flower)
Room Spray - Fleurs Blanches (White Flowers)
Room Spray - L'Oree Du Potager (Kitchen Garden)
Room Spray - The Noir (Black Tea)
Room Spray - Pignon De Pin (Pine Kernel)
Candle - Paturages (Pastures)
Candle - Givre (Hoar Frost)
Candle - Edelweiss
Candle - Eau De Source (Spring Water)
Candle - Au Coin de Feu (Fire Place)
Candle - Grande Largue (Lake)
Room Spray - Au Coin De Feu (Fire Place)